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Target Tracker Computing Statements

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Last edit: 11 June 2022

Resource Type Schemes of Work (Programming Units and Curriculum), Planning Assessments and Guidance
English Key Stage 5-7 year (KS1), 7-11 year (KS2)
Curriculum Topic Algorithmic Thinking, Computational Thinking, Computer Networks, Computer Systems, Creating Media, Data & Information, Design & Development, Effective use of tools, Enrichment/STEM/Cross Curriculum, Ethics, Impact of technology, Physical Computing, Programming, Safety & Security

Originally published by the organisation which produced the Target Tracker assessment database system. I was first introduced to the database in 2016 when it had been released as a product by ESS for Schools which was owned by Essex County Council, the database is now part of a suite of services provided or supported by Juniper Education.  However, this document does not appear to be available as a download. So in the interests of the Computing at Schools Community, am sharing this. Personally think this set of statements is rather limiting as it does not cover the full range of topics and concepts which are expected to be taught in Primary Computing - but it provides a useful starting point. Hope all scrolling by find it useful.

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