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Welcome to CAS Remote Education!

The Computing at School community is all about teachers, helping teachers. We have worked with teachers from across our community to bring together guidance, useful links and resources to help your remote education within any subject. We’ll continue to develop these materials and appreciate any feedback you have for improvements or things you found helpful.

What is remote education?

Remote education involves any teaching activity undertaken where the teacher and student are not in the same physical location. Increasingly, remote education takes place online and may be synchronous, where students and a teacher interact in real-time, such as in a video call, or asynchronous, when interaction is not at the same time, such as contributing to a discussion forum. Digital remote education, often known as online learning, uses both synchronous and asynchronous approaches, which enables educators to use a range of pedagogical approaches in order to develop students’ understanding of different subject areas. The Department of Education (DfE) recently examined some of the remote education approaches schools are using, including sharing good practice around pedagogy and assessment, in their Remote Education Research report.

We have a range of support for teachers undertaking remote education. Many of our CAS Community meetings, which are currently taking place online, focus on the tools and techniques for teaching online. Further details can be found on the Training page. There are many opportunities to interact with the other educators, such as through the “CAS Inspire” webinars, as outlined on the Connect with others page. Finally, we have further guidance available, including advice on using synchronous and asynchronous learning technologies, on the Resources page.

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