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06 April 2022

Online Safety Schools Tour Performs to 7000 Children

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Simon Howe | Secondary School Teacher (11-18)

Online Safety Schools Tour Performs to 7000 Children  

North West based theatre in education company, Altru Drama, have recently completed their longest theatre in education tour to date, taking their online safety performance to 45 schools across the UK.  

The play - Tangled Web - follows three young characters who find themselves at the Laboratory for Internet Safety and Advice (LISA.)  Whilst trapped in Room 17 at LISA, the characters realise they have all behaved badly or unsafely online – and they must talk through their behaviour, work together to resolve their problems and then learn from their mistakes.  

“The performance was very current and exciting which is why I think the children were so engaged. A wonderful balance of fun and comedy while still raising important issues in a meaningful way. The performance was fantastic-one of the best that I have seen in terms of how well it had been thought out.” 

Natalie Ashcroft, Marsh Green Primary School, Wigan 

Tangled Web, which is performed to children in Key Stage 2, is just one of four online safety performances that the non-profit company provide on a yearly basis around Safer Internet Day, to help schools support their pupils’ learning on this important topic.  

Altru’s performance looks at age ratings, privacy issues, good conduct online and directly references apps and sites including Instagram, TikTok, What’s App, Snapchat, YouTube and online games such as Roblox.  

The three characters go on journeys to learn vital lessons about oversharing and privacy settings online, stranger danger, cyber bullying, in app purchases and watching frightening or upsetting content online.  As the characters learn their lessons, the children in the audience learn too, giving the format a credible and nonpatronizing edge.  

“We have had Altru in to perform many times and they never disappoint.  The content is always so relevant to the children and so current.  The children are mesmerised by the acting and are always talking about the performances when we get back to class.  The quality is absolutely outstanding.”  

Laura Wall, Liscard Primary School 

Tangled Web will return in the Spring term of 2023 and schools can get in contact now to find out more and book a performance slot for their pupils.          

Dan Costello, Altru’s General Manager, was delighted with the Tangled Web tour and the impact it’s had on children across the UK:  

“We’re so pleased that we can tackle this important subject in a fun and engaging way.  It’s wonderful to watch the children in the audience as they come to realisations about their own internet use through getting involved with the characters’ stories.  We can’t wait to bring Tangled Web to more schools next year!”  

Contact details for bookings and more information:  

Dan Costello  

Altru Drama CIC 

0151 443 0333 /  


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