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10 April 2022

BETT 2022

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Sarah Zaman

What a great BETT show this year.... I met lots of new faces as well as old and of course spent time checking out new resources, especially for physical computing.

It was good to chat to teachers in person about CAS at the Networking event on the Thursday evening and make some new connections. I will then be hopefully passing these new connections on to the North East, Cumbria and Yorkshire CAS community leads to share with their local teachers. One contact in particular was the Early Years specialist from TTS who has a wealth of experience in this area and is hoping to come and talk Early Years and technology at one of our summer CAS meetings.

A highlight for me at this year's show though is that Redfern Electronics, who make the Crumble Controller, are bringing out a data logger which will have free software to go with it. I spent quite a while talking it through with the creator of the Crumble, Phillip Redfern,and I think it could be a great cheap but effective device for data logging. Teachers are always telling me that it's one area they struggle with especially with small budgets too. I am hoping to trial one very soon and will report back.


Jo Hodge
14/04/2022 11:29

So sad I could not go! Thanks for the update on the Redfern Controller! Very exciting! Did you get a date for release please?

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