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28 June 2021

Find out about our CAS Working Groups - and get involved!

Get involved in our CAS Working Groups! They do a huge variety of work and are a key part of CAS. Find out more about who they are and what they do, here:

CAS Curriculum Working Group
Chair Rob Leeman
The curriculum group will focus on what the core content of the subject(s) and how this has evolved and how it can be further improved, the assessment group focuses on how this content/curriculum is assessed, however there is some overlap and I hope there will be collaboration between the groups where appropriate. The curriculum group will also look at pedagogy, resources and formative assessment tools to help improve delivery of the subject.
  • Openness and transparency are key here but typically a smaller group of regulars lead on various campaigns and projects and report back to the larger group 
  •  All CAS members are invited to attend all sessions, but some lines of work may require familiarity with certain technical aspects and these may fall into smaller sub groups with the requisite expertise, these will also lead to CPD for other interested parties who wish to participate 
  •  The structure, planning and all associated docs and apps will live on a MS Team with various channels of work, all members can access and contribute 
Benefits to members: 
  • Active collaboration in shaping the present and future of the curriculum 
  • Supports career progression 
  • Networking with other professionals 
  • Training and resources 
  • Online and face-to-face meet ups 
CAS Assessment Working Group
Chair John Woollard
The CAS Assessment working group is made up of CAS members including people from Awarding Organisations, teacher training, commerce and industry with an interest in promoting and enhancing assessment practice in computing including qualifications, Assessment for Learning, assessment for teaching and assessment of learning at all ages from Early Year onward.
Right now we are starting new discussions over the summer period with the intention to report to the CAS membership in the Autumn. Areas of interest include…
You will need to go to the community forum to make comment and volunteer to contribute in a practical way OR email directly to  
CAS Research Working Group
Chair Jane Waite
Research in computing education has a long history for undergraduate settings, but there is much less for school-aged learners. Yet, as teachers, we have to deliver a full and vibrant curriculum of computing lessons to meet an ambitious and, at times, challenging curriculum. CAS Research supports educators to find out about and engage with the process of computing education research. We run surveys to discover about research engagement. We organise working groups to look at particular topics, check out our work on ABC, a process for moving lessons online. We host a monthly bookclub #CSEdResearchBookClub on research papers; everyone welcome. We run monthly support meetings for those doing research both in their classrooms and as Masters and PhDs. Please find out about our activities on the CAS Research Facebook group.  CAS Research is a friendly and open group, come and get involved. 
CAS Include Working Group
Co-chairs: Rebecca Franks, Catherine Elliott
CAS Include is a working group committed to increasing diversity and inclusion in computing. Our mission is to ensure that all students have the opportunity to study computing. We are all unique and we can all bring different qualities to the computing community.
Currently research shows that girls, black students, and those from low socio-economic backgrounds, are under-represented in GCSE Computer Science, and this lack of diversity is reflected in the wider computing-related workforce. Other groups may also feel excluded from the community, and we want to support teachers to address this.
We are also passionate about ensuring that all students, including learners with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), or English as an additional language (EAL), can access the computing curriculum as fully as possible.
We aim to address these issues through events, resources and sharing best practice with teachers. You can find out more on the CAS Include section of the website. We welcome volunteers to help us, please email if you are interested in getting involved. 
CAS Primary Working Group
Chair Sarah Zaman
The CAS Primary Working Group, is focussed on supporting non-specialist teachers of Computing at primary level (students aged 11 yrs and below) in the UK. The members have been invited and appointed by the chair based on personal expertise and experience, their commitment to advance primary computing, and their commitment to the CAS mission and ethos
The aims of the group are to collate and create resources to help non-specialist primary teachers teach Computing, speak at events to raise the profile of Computing amongst non-specialist primary teachers and liaise with industry partners to identify relevant resources and evidence gaps
The group reports to the CAS Board annually on its work, summarising engagement with the CAS community, any advice given and any issues that have emerged through its engagement.