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Your CAS Website has myriad of fantastic functionality that offers support, guidance and inspiration for educators to deliver a world-leading computing education for all children and young people.

This website not only has a huge library of resources and links but also tools to develop yourselves as professionals, through blogging, connecting with like-minded individuals and sharing your own resources.

This page is a simple how-to guide on how to use the features we have here. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch. We are always happy to help - Get in touch 
We will be continuing to update this page with more How-tos and tips and tricks, so check back in often,

“Humans are allergic to change. They love to say, ‘We’ve always done it this way.’ I try to fight that. That’s why I have a clock on my wall that runs counterclockwise.” - Grace Hopper, computer scientist 

1  Personal Details

Complete boxes First Name, Last Name and Primary Email Address which will become your username

Alternative Email address is optional, but useful as a backup to regain access to your account.

Press Next Section


2 Job Details

Actively Teaching - press Yes or No

Phase of Education, press drop down arrow and make a selection (N/A is for non-teachers)

Job title, press drop down arrow scroll down and make a selection

Press Next Section


3 If you are at a school put the postcode in the box next to Lookup and then press Lookup

Press the dropdown arrow in the box below "Organisation/Schools", scroll down and make a selection. (If you chose from the dropdown list you do not need to complete the address details, they will be populated for you.)

If your school or organisation is not listed check the box "My organisation/school is not listed" and then fill in the address details.

Select the Country

Press Next Section


4 Account Details

Select a Community - in the box next to Lookup put a postcode for your area (if there is any text already in this box just over-write it), then press Lookup.  In the box under Community click the drop down menu and scroll down and select the community that best suits your area.

Create a password for your account

Press Next Section


5 Profile Details, add a brief description, upload a photo, add media Profiles URLs if you wish

Press Next Section


6 Read the Terms of Use and the Privacy Notice and check the boxes


Press Sign Up.


Once your account has been approved (usually within 24 hours) you will be able to login from the home page of the website.  Then visit My Profile, press my account to check the details are correct, then scroll down and set your notification preferences.

  • To be able to blog on the website you need to be a CAS member (Click here to join) and join a CAS Community (click here to join)
  • Blogging is a valuable CPD and reflective process for teachers. Sharing your thoughts and ideas, not only supports other teachers but allows you, as the blogger, a mindful space to develop your practice.
  • The Blog feature on this website is relatively simple. At a basic level all you need is an image and some text.
  • You may want to add images to your text. There is a function to be able to do this, but you will need to do the following :-
    • A place to host your image. Google Drive is perfect. Upload your image to your Google Drive. Right Click on the image and select link. Make sure access is set to ‘anyone with link’. Then copy link.
    • In your blog post, click the add image. In the URL box , paste your image link(source).
    • You now need to edit the link. Delete the following in bold :-
      • IMAGE/view?usp=sharing
    • Next replace file/d/ with uc?id=
      • Your link should look like this - IMAGE
    • Click save, youyourissues image will now appear with your text.
  • There is a timeout on your login. So please save your work every time you stop working on it. Or write it in Word/Docs and copy and paste into the blog text box when finished.
  • If you have any questions or issue when blogging please get in touch at
  • To be able to register for an event on the website you need to be a CAS member (Click here to join) and to be logged in before you can register
  • Once you have registered the event will appear in 'Your Upcoming Events' under 'My Profile'. (This is also where you will find the joining link for online events.)
  • If you are creating an event on the website you need to log in and click on My Profile (top right corner of the page)
  • To create an event you must be a community leader 
  • Next click ‘Event Management’ and then click ‘create an Event’
  • Set up your event content PowerPoint slides, agenda etc. can be added to the event for registered attendees to download from the event page. Here community leaders can also see who has registered.
  • After creating a new event, register yourself onto the event and it will show up under 'Your Upcoming Events' as well as in event management.
  • TOP TIP: - In the event summary. Please make your first line of text
    • To be able to register for an event on the website you need to be a CAS member (Click here to join) and to be logged in before you can register
  • Don’t forget to promote your event in the online discussion community and on our Facebook pages for Primary and  Secondary
  • To take part in the CAS Online discussion community you need to be a CAS member.
  • Use to your CAS login details and Log in at Online Discussions 
  • When Logging for the first time, take the opportunity to complete your profile. Add a photo of yourself, CAS members are a good-looking bunch
  • Being able to interact with the online community through your phone is a great and convenient way to engage with fellow CAS members. Two apps that are really useful are:-
    • Discourse – for Android
    • Fig – for iPhone

Look for them in the relevant App Stores.

  • TOP TIP: - Add your login details to your devices’ for a single-click login.
  • To be able to upload a resource on the website you need to be a CAS member (Click here to join) and logged in.
  • Before you upload your resource, please read this guidance 
  • You upload your resource from your profile click on 'My Profile' (top right corner of the page)
  • Complete the online form with as much detail as possible, this will help others find and use your resource
  • And thank you for contributing