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What is #CASInspire

Computing at School (CAS) is delighted to introduce you to the home of #CASInspire, an ongoing programme of support to meet the needs of our community. This programme originally started as a means of supporting teachers during the national lockdown (Spring 2020) and was well received by the community.

CAS Inspire is a series of resources, consisting of, live webinars with expert panellists discussing topical computing education matters, in which the audience can get involved. Also featured are videos teaching Computing concepts, podcasts and careers inspiration webinars.

CAS Inspire Sessions coming soon

You can also catch up on other great CASInspire webinars through our GoToStage channel:

CAS Inspire

Also try out this selection of videos on Computing at School YouTube Channel "CAS TV"

Active Minds and Active Bodies


CAS Inspire Stories

CAS Inspire Stories is a brand-new podcast from CAS that shines a light on some of our most inspiring teachers and educators.

Guests share their inspiring stories, discuss their career journeys in education, some of the challenges they've faced, their hopes for the future, tips for those new to teaching, and talk about how educators can encourage a diverse and inclusive learning environment.

CAS Inspire Stories are available now from most popular podcast providers.

If you have any suggestions for future topics and resources that can be featured in the CASInspire programme please email them to