In preparation for the move to our new CAS website, activity across our current site will be limited between 13th and 20th September. This means that between these dates you will unable to apply to become a CAS Member or Community Leader, no updates will be possible to existing resources or events, and no new events or resources can be added. Members wishing to register for events will be able to do this, except for on 20th September. We apologise for any inconvenience, however are really excited for you to see our new site!

CAS Research

CAS Research is an informal group of people who are working together to try to achieve the following goals:

  • To raise the profile of computing education research within CAS
  • To support CAS members in their engagement with computer education research
  • To raise the profile of computing education research generally

There are those members who are keen to:

  • use research-informed resources in their classrooms
  • use research to help explain (show intent) and improve their teaching
  • take part in research
  • engage with or undertake research as part of studies (e.g. ITT, masters, Ph.D.)
  • lead research as part of the jobs

CAS Research is here to support all! Have your say here! How do you engage with, or would like to engage, with computing education research?

Please join our CAS Research Facebook for more information on Computing Education Research.

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