Python Programming online course (Part 2 preparation)

This 8-week course will help secondary teachers to work towards developing a programming project in Python suitable for Part 2 (Secondary). Topics will include selection, iteration, using functions and file handling, as well as what you need to know to tackle developing a project of your own in Python. Secondary teachers who select the Guided Route when signing up for the Certificate will be entered on to this course.

Week......Title and Content...
1Introduction to the Language and the Environment.
 Installing Python, the shell and IDLE.
 Basic I/O (print and input), data types and variables
 Type casting
 How to get help !!
2Basic Operations and modules
 Operators and data types (+ - * / // ! )
 For loops
 Using modules
3Decomposition , logic and what if ??
 Using functions to structure your code.
 BOOLEAN logic
 Conditional statements
4The essence of clear structured code
 Functions, passing values in and returning values out.
5When you loop until !!!
 While loops – when and how to use them.
 Validating user input
 When to end and when to break.
6Strings and collections of data
 Strings and slicing
 Lists and tuples, list manipulation
 Iterating through lists
 Related data and Dictionaries
 Two dimensional arrays !
7Thinking in Blocks and persistent storage.
 Structured Programming.
 File I/O , pickle and other modules
8Maintaining code and making it reusable and a recap
 Comments and Testing.
 Revisiting mutable and immutable data types with functions.

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