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Tech Devices

Tech Devices

A number of physical computing devices are available, which enable electronic components to be connected and controlled. For example, a piece of wearable technology could be produced to display different messages, or a moveable buggy designed to avoid objects around the home. Each technology has example projects often undertaken by children.

Example projects
Further information

Pocket sized computer containing LEDs, buttons, Bluetooth and a range of sensors

Step counter
Love detector
Rock, paper, scissors
Burglar alarm
Remote temperature sensor

Suitable for ages 7-14 years
Cost - from £12

Tiny circuit board allowing children to learn coding and electronics. A range of components can be connected, including motors

Wearable lights
Fairground rides
Automated buggies
Traffic lights

Raspberry Pi
Low-cost, credit card sized computer, which connects to a keyboard, mouse and monitor. It also allows you to easily control electronic devices.

Weather station
Minecraft controller
Time Lapse camera
Arcade machine

Suitable for age 11 years and above
Cost - varies depending on model and pack chosen

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