NCCE News 2018

December 2018 – Week 2

  • The expressions of interest to be a Regional Delivery Partner (RDP) are being scored with announcements to be made in the early New Year. 21 applications were received. Each RDP will be taking on the task of building CPD opportunities in their designated regions. They'll be looking for experienced trainers as well as willing participants in the programmes to be offered, so keep an eye out for their announcements!
  • Delighted to report that there have been over 100 applications to run CAS Communities.
  • Work is ongoing on developing an effective diagnostic tool for all teachers, primary and secondary, that will guide them to the next step in their CPD programme through the National Centre.
  • Processes are now being tested to ensure a smooth sign up to the National Centre when launched in January 2019.
  • Recruitment to new positions has been ongoing throughout December.
  • Numerous discussions held with DfE on contractual requirements around the key performance indicators for the programme and ensuring they match the anticipated timeline and expectations.
  • BETT is coming! The National Centre will be there to answer any questions and help people sign up to what is being offered.
  • Teachers are already accessing the Networking and Cyber Security course as well as Python programming for GCSE.
  • ... and lots of meetings!

December 2018 – Week 1

  • Invitation to tender for the Regional Delivery Partners closed. The Regional Delivery Partners will take on the task of delivering CPD and other training while the school-based Computing Hubs get established. There has been a very positive response from the HEI community to take on this transitional role.
  • Teams are hard at work generating content for the planned CPD programme to be delivered initially by the Regional Delivery Partners from mid-January 2019.
  • The schedule for phase 2 of the NCCE website is on track.
  • We continue to build the CAS Communities of practice with more renewals and new applications received this week.
  • Reviewed data gathering for reporting especially with respect to the CAS Communities of practice and dovetailing with the planned face to face CPD. CAS is updating its own event management system provided for its community leaders to ensure we can gather the data required for accurate reporting to DfE.

November 2018

  • The issue about the future naming of the CAS Hubs, to avoid confusing with the National Centre Computing Hubs has been agreed and is being introduced to the CAS Community: see National Centre Computing Hubs for more information.
  • Thus far, 54 registrations for the creation/continuation of CAS Communities have been opened (13 new schools, 24 Secondary, 17 Primary/Secondary, and 9 Primary).
  • The CAS event management system is being enhanced to help existing and new CAS Community leaders arrange their meetings and assist with publicising their events.
  • Sue Sentance hosted the #caschat this week, a summary can be found here.
  • There has been good interest from both HEIs and schools to take on the transitional role of a Regional Delivery Partners (RDP) to kick-start the local delivery of courses and training. The deadline is December 7th. Each RDP will be asked to recruit a number of local subject matter experts from their region, primarily teachers e.g. CAS Master Teachers so keep an eye out for that call!
  • Progress is ongoing for development of new courses for both primary and secondary to start in the Spring term.
  • Vacancies for key roles across the consortium have been advertised, applications and interviews are taking place.