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There’s a great deal happening as the National Centre for Computing Education gets cracking on its pledge to upskill 8000 computing teachers. We want to give you the skills you need to deliver a world-leading education to your pupils.

The consortium of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, Raspberry Pi Foundation and STEM Learning were awarded the NCCE contract by the government in the autumn of 2018.

CPD courses are being added to the STEM Learning website on a regular basis.

Read on to find out all the other latest information. and if you have any questions then please get in touch:

October 2019

  • This week marks the one-year anniversary of the National Centre for Computing Education. To celebrate, we're taking a look back at some of the highlights from the past 12 months, as well as giving you a chance to find out we've got planned for the week ahead here
  • Isaac Computer Science events for students and teachers are running in various locations across England, find out where and when here
  • Check out the latest podcast episode, where we explore what we mean when we talk about ‘computing’ listen here
  • We launched a comprehensive new assessment suite for Key Stage 3 computing and GCSE computer science. The quality-assured short online tests, collectively known as NCCE Subject Knowledge Assessments, cover the breadth and depth of the curriculum, and will allow teachers to accurately assess the subject knowledge of their students, using the popular Eedi platform. Written by experienced subject expert teachers and approved by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, the paired assessments allow for pre and post teaching assessment. The self-marking, multiple-choice tests will enable teachers to assess student progress easily and reliably, saving time and reducing workload. Find out more here

September 2019 

  • We published a fab new video which sets out the vision for the National Centre for Computing Education, as narrated by Simon Peyton Jones, please do check it out here, hope you like it!
  • The first cohort of teachers who successfully completed the Computer Science Accelerator programme celebrated in style at a graduation ceremony at Google Headquarters, find out more about the celebration here
  • The Resource Repository has now launched find out more here.
  • We are working to create a comprehensive Resource Repository for teaching computing: a collection of over 500 hours of teaching materials to help you with the delivery of the entire computing curriculum from Key Stages 1 to 4 in England. The purpose of the Resource Repository is to reduce your workload whilst also supporting you to increase your subject knowledge and have a greater understanding of effective pedagogy. The first units of work in the Resource Repository have now launched in beta, and you can be one of the first to try them.
  • Isaac Computer Science, a new online platform for teachers and students of A level Computer Science is now available and gives you access to a huge range of online learning materials for the classroom, homework, and revision — all for free. The platform’s resources are mapped to the A level specifications in England (including the AQA and OCR exam boards). You’ll be able to set assignments for your students, have the platform mark it for you, and be confident that the content is relevant and high quality. We are confident that this will save you time in planning lessons and setting homework. Find out more here.

Week ending August 2nd

  • National Centre for Computing Education announces a further seven Computing Hubs, read more here.

Week ending July 26th 

  • Teachers on the Computer Science Accelerator Programme are being offered the opportunity to graduate at the Google offices in London this September. Find out more here.
  • This summer, the National Centre for Computing Education is offering you the chance to complete the Computer Science Accelerator programme in just 4 days. Read more here.

Week ending July 5th 

  • National Centre for Computing Education announces first Computing Hubs to improve computer science education in England. Find out more here. 
  • The Bursary entitlement has been updated, please visit for the latest information.

Week ending June 14th

  • The Department for Education has granted £2.4 million of funding to the ‘Gender Balance in Computing’ research project. More information can be found here.
  • Since launching over 6 months ago, the NCCE has engaged nearly 4000 teachers of computing and computer science.
  • 261 Community Leader applications received to date
  • CAS Outreach team in place and working directly with community leaders to establish a programme of community meetings
  • CAS plans underway for regional events from autumn term
  • An update on the progress of computing hubs can be found here.

Week ending Apr 12th

  • The first tranche of interviews for the Computing Hubs have completed this week for the 28 shortlisted schools. Clarification submissions from a further 12 schools have been received and are under review. A second tranche of interviews are planned for w/c 13th May.
  • 389 unique secondary schools have either attended or are booked to engage with the National Centre, of which 138 come from priority schools. On the same basis primary schools are now at 493, of which 232 come from priority schools.

Week ending Apr 5th

  • Computing Hubs interviews are still taking place for the 28 shortlisted schools in consultation with the DfE.
  • To date 252 CAS Community Leader Applications have been received
  • A new course, Programming with Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), will be launching later this term in June
  • Over 40 CPD courses scheduled for April. See
  • There'll be a launch event for the A Level programme (Isaac Computer Science) on July 1 - more details to follow
  • See announcement about the Regional Delivery Partner network:

Week ending Mar 22nd

  • Computing Hub shortlisting has been completed, with schools shortlisted now contacted and interviews being arranged during end of March/early April. The interview panel will consist of representatives from the DfE.
  • 138 teachers have attended the Facilitator stage one course with a further 48 booked to attend a follow-up.
  • Seven CAS community meetings have taken place, including one regional meeting in Birmingham with 66 attendees across all meetings. To date 242 CAS Community Leader applications have been received.
  • CS Champions are now out in the regions working with the RDPs to recruit teachers to the CS Accelerator programme
  • Department of Education appoint Chair of CAS, Simon Peyton-Jones, as the Chair of the Academic Board press release

Week ending Mar 15th

  • Computing Hub tender shortlist has now been completed and is under review with the DfE who will make the final decision. Interviews to be planned over the next few weeks with those shortlisted schools.
  • Regional Delivery Partners (RDPs) are continuing to delivery local face-to-face CPD, and are now in a position to run their own Facilitator Development programmes. Do get in touch with your local RDP is you wish to access their training
  • 111 teachers have attended the Facilitator stage one course with a further 36 booked to attend a follow-up. 24 facilitators have completed their train the trainer course.
  • CAS held a successful regional meeting with CAS Community Leaders in Birmingham. There have now been a total of 242 Community Leader applications have been received with two regional meetings held, with 31 attendees in last 7 days.
  • An email and telemarketing campaign has been underway this week targeting all 2,546 schools in England currently teaching Computer Science or ICT, with 640 new registrations and 1,150 website sessions since 12 March. There are currently 186 unique participants either attended or booked to attend, with 70 from priority schools.

Week ending Mar 8th

  • Tenders for the Computing Hubs are being reviewed and scored against set criteria, with a moderation panel to beheld on 11th March with the DfE to agree the final shortlist. Interviews with those shortlisted schools are planned to start from w/c 18thMarch for a period of two weeks.
  • 118 face-to-face courses are now live for booking, with delivery is underway. 11 face-to-face courses have been delivered between December and early March
  • 84 Subject Matter Experts have attended the Facilitator stage one course with a further 32 booked onto their follow-up between now and June. 21 facilitators will complete their train the trainer following the 11th March course.
  • Two regional meetings have been held in Cambridge and London for CAS Community Leaders involving 40 attendees. Total of 249 CAS Community Leader applications have been received, with three regional meetings held in the last 7 days.

Week ending Mar 1st

  • Computing Hubs ITT closed on Monday 25th February, with 58 applications received across a good geographical spread of England. The tender review process is now underway working closely with DfE to assess each tender against a robust set of criteria. Timescales for approval are being finalised
  • Regional Delivery Partners are now set up and the delivery of courses are well underway with over 90 face-to-face courses now live
  • Total CAS Community Leader applications are now up to 235
  • 14 CPD courses have been delivered between December and February for the NCCE programme, with a further 57 CPD activities scheduled between March and the end of July
  • 17 CPD courses have been delivered between December and February for the CS Accelerator programme, with a further 49 CPD activities scheduled between March and the end of July
  • CAS Community Leader engagement and development at regional meetings in Cambridge and London to begin next week

Week ending Feb 22nd

  • Computing Hubs - ITT is due to close on Monday 25 Feb inviting all interested schools and colleges to submit their tenders.
  • Regional Delivery Partners – course delivery is well underway with over 60 face to face courses now live. A digital geographical recruitment drive will be underway by the end of the week.
  • CAS - Outreach Team Leader now fully in role, with meetings scheduled in March to meet with Community Leaders across 7 locations in England.
  • First research report prepared by the NCCE is progressing to copy edit phase. The first newsletter will be going to NCCE subscribers.
  • Forty one CPD activities are currently scheduled between March and July, with 17 courses delivered to date.

Week ending Feb 18th

  • NCCE Programme Board meeting was held this week, with focus around the Computing Hub selection process; Communications and Recruitment; and KPI's.
  • Computing Hub recruitment - The ITT is still live and due to close on 25th February. All briefing events have been held in York, Birmingham and London with 62 attendees.
  • 35 CPD activities are currently scheduled for the National Centre between February and July.
  • 7 Regional CPD events for CAS Community Leaders are planned for March. Consortium partners invited.
  • Nine interviews have taken place for the CS Champions this week and we have a good geographical spread with the exception of the North East. An induction day is scheduled for Wednesday 6 March.
  • 37 CPD activities are currently scheduled for the CS Accelerator Programme between February and July.

Week ending Feb 8th

  • Over 70 schools have registered an interest in an NCCE Computing hub, closing date is Feb 25.
  • Three briefing events held for those schools and the event presentation material can be downloaded from
  • Recruitment of teachers and trainers to the Regional Delivery Partner programme is well under way
  • The BT CAS Barefoot programme has reached the 2 million milestone! Hugely impressive. See
  • CAS hosting 7 regional meetings for the CAS Community leaders in March - more details soon
  • The A Level programme will be named "Isaac Computer Science " (ICS for short) to keep in line with the popular Isaac Physics programme

Week ending Feb 1st

  • Fifty-nine organisations have registered an interest to attend one of three briefing events taking place w/c 04/02/19 relating to becoming a school-based Computing Hub.
  • CPD courses for primary due for imminent release
  • There are now 40 courses for GCSE computer science teachers which are attracting a good deal of interest
  • More details about the certification available have been published - a really important aspect of the NCCE demonstrating impact and giving teachers assurance in their ability
  • CAS continue to receive applications from both existing and new teachers to run local CAS Community meetings - excellent!

Week ending Jan 25th

  • Ongoing contractual discussions are nearing completion with the 10 organisations appointed as Regional Delivery Partners (RDP's).
  • The invitation to tender to become a computing hub school is live and is generating good levels of interest.
  • Three briefing sessions for interested schools are being planned in Birmingham, London and York. Interest has been received from 36 organisations so far for the Computing Hub briefing events
  • Over 190 CAS Communities of Practice (CoP) applications have been received by CAS and BCS and are currently being processed and a refreshed branding is being introduced.
  • The Microsoft funded 2 day "Creative Computing at KS3" for new and aspiring heads of computing is now underway with 70 participants, the majority from category 5 & 6 areas.
  • Raspberry Pi are continuing to work on the Research report in relation to evidence around the teaching of computing with a draft due in mid-January.
  • The Phase 2 NCCE website is now live at
  • It was BETT!
    • Good to hear of CAS members making their presence felt on the NCCE stand
    • Lots of in-depth conversations and positive comments from those visiting the stand
    • Numerous registrations gathered across the four days of the event

Week ending Jan 18th

  • After dome deliberation and alternatives proposed the National Centre will be called "The National Centre for Computing Education"!
  • The applications for the Regional Delivery Partners are all in and the announcement of the successful institutions will come next week
  • NCCE will be at BETT, with CAS - do drop by and say "hello" if you are planning on going
  • The process of applying to be one of the 40 school-based Computing Hubs within the NCCE is now live. The closing date is Feb 25th (5PM).  To find out more and apply go to
    • A Computing Hub should be an educational institution with expertise in computing education, which will provide a range of support for primary and secondary teachers of computing in schools in their local area. This will include teaching, resources and CPD activities for schools within a reasonable travel distance.
    • The recruitment of the Computing Hubs rests with STEM Learning
    • The final decision rests with the Schools Minister
    • Computing Hubs will be the focal point for local computing CPD, supported by a strong National Centre for Computing Education, covering practical and theoretical aspects of teaching computing.
    • STEM Learning are holding three information briefing events for schools interested in tendering in the week beginning 4 February 2019 in Birmingham, York and London. Each event will run from 11am to 3pm.
    • This could be a great opportunity for those of you who have already built up experience in CAS and being part of the Network of Excellence. Good Luck!
  • We have received over 190 applications to run CAS Communities of Practice!
  • Large amount of progress has been made for Phase 2 of the National Centre for Computing Education website release, which is due to launch week commencing 21st January, with completion of user testing with teachers to make sure we're on the right track
  • There are currently 51 live courses now available for recruitment booking.

Week ending Dec 14th

  • The expressions of interest to be a Regional Delivery Partner (RDP) are being scored with announcements to be made in the early New Year. 21 applications were received. Each RDP will be taking on ths task of building CPD opportunities in their designated regions. They'll be looking for experienced trainers as well as willing participants in the programmes to be offered, so keep an eye out for their announcements!
  • Delighted to report that there have been over 100 applications to run CAS Communities
  • Work is ongoing on developing an effective diagnostic tool for all teachers, primary and secondary, that will guide them to the next step in their CPD programme through the National Centre.
  • Processes are now being tested to ensure a smooth sign up to the National Centre when launched in January 2019
  • Recruitment to new positions has been ongoing throughout December
  • Numerous discussions held with DfE on contractual requirements around the key performance indicators for the programme and ensuring they match the anticipated time-line and expectations
  • BETT is coming! The National Centre will be there to answer any questions and help people sign up to what is being offered
  • Teachers are already accessing the Networking and Cyber Security course as well as Python programming for GCSE.
  • ... and lots of meetings!

Week ending Dec 7th

  • Invitation to tender for the Regional Delivery Partners closed.  The Regional Delivery Partners will take on the task of delivering CPD and other training while the school-based Computing Hubs get established.  There has been a very positive response from the HEI community to take on this transitional role.
  • Teams are hard at work generating content for the planned CPD programme to be delivered initially by the Regional Delivery Partners from mid-January 2019
  • The schedule for phase 2 of the NCCE website is on track
  • We continue to build the CAS Communities of practice with more renewals and new applications received this week
  • Reviewed data gathering for reporting especially with respect to the CAS Communities of practice and dovetailing with the planned face to face CPD.  CAS is updating its own event management system provided for its community leaders to ensure we can gather the data required for accurate reporting to DfE.

Week ending Nov 30

  • The issue about the future naming of the CAS Hubs, to avoid confusing with the National Centre Computing Hubs has been agreed and is being introduced to the CAS Community: see for more information
  • Thus far, 54 registrations for the creation/continuation of CAS Communities have been opened (13 new schools, 24 Secondary, 17 Primary/Secondary, and 9 Primary)
  • The CAS event management system is being enhanced to help existing and new CAS Community leaders arrange their meetings and assist with publicising their events
  • Sue Sentance hosted the #caschat this week, a summary can be found here
  • There has been good interest from both HEIs and schools to take on the transitional role of a Regional Delivery Partners (RDP) to kick-start the local delivery of courses and training. The deadline is December 7th. Each RDP will be asked to recruit a number of local subject matter experts from their region, primarily teachers e.g. CAS Master Teachers so keep an eye out for that call!
  • Progress is ongoing for development of new courses for both primary and secondary to start in the Spring term
  • Vacancies for key roles across the consortium have been advertised, applications and interviews are taking place.