How will CAS be involved?

The National Centre (NCCE) will operate in two ways to deliver impact into Computing classrooms in England:

  1. A centrally-led programme of professional learning, in subject content, in pedagogy, and in assessment.  This will involve developing materials of lasting benefit, online materials and courses and face-to-face training.  This will be delivered through the 40 school-based Computing hubs and the supporting online platform.
  2. A grassroots community of practice with national reach, in which teachers share their expertise, support and encourage each other  to become better and more confident.    

CAS will focus primarily on delivering the second of these by extending its existing network of local community groups (aka "CAS Hubs").   We are in no doubt that long term, mutually supportive, professional relationships between peers underlie the best and most effective teacher professional development and this is best delivered in a teacher's own community involving local, face-to-face, peer-to-peer engagement with online support where necessary i.e. a community of practice model. This is the role of the CAS Community!

The CAS Communities

We are actively recruiting for new Community Leaders to join the programme for the coming year.  It's a one year commitment, in the first instance, which will enhance your own knowledge and understanding of the subject as well as raising your profile and that of your school in the local area.  To find out more about the programme then see these pages.

The CAS Communities have been described as "low maintenance - high impact" activity and provide a fabulous opportunity for teachers to meet in a relaxed, informal atmosphere to share ideas, resources, best practice, receive training and, hopefully, inspiration from each other. A typical CAS Community meeting will be between 10-20 teachers meeting in a classroom or university lecture room after college for a couple of hours. The format will vary but usually there will be a range of topics under discussion led by members of the group, or perhaps an invited speaker. The prime objective is that everyone will leave with at least one thing (an idea, a lesson plan, a resource) that can be used in their classrooms.

Each CAS Community is led by one or more teachers who will host a meeting once or twice a term, usually after school.  To find your nearest CAS Community then enter a postcode on the homepage of our website.  All CAS members can register to be kept up to date with the events  and activities of their local group through their profile on the CAS Forum.