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All schools (primary or secondary) in England are welcome to join the NoE. By doing so your school is making a public statement that Computing is important for your pupils. When registering to join your school can self-designate as a CAS Lead School.

The CAS Lead Schools are an important part of the development of local communities of practice for computing together with the CAS hubs, the CAS Regional Centres, CAS Master Teachers and university partners. The CAS Lead Schools:

  • recognise that Computing as a subject is important, and it is part of the school development plan;
  • will have developed a broad and balanced computing curriculum that shows clear, planned progression;
  • offer to support other schools (at least one) in their community through sharing good practise e.g. team teaching, lesson observations, shared schemes of work or running joint planning sessions, helping colleagues set up a Code Club in a local school or run Computing focused transition days etc.

Both school-based support for the subject and the offering of support in a local community of schools are important for maintaining the status of a CAS Lead School and the outreach provided should flow naturally from running a successful computing department. At the end of each academic year Lead Schools are required to complete an activity audit in order to maintain their status as a lead School in the NoE.

CAS Lead schools may also wish to:

  • publish resources or contribute to discussions on the CAS Community Website;
  • run a CAS hub or offer support to CAS in other ways such as presenting at CAS events or taking an active role in the development of the community;
  • conduct interviews as part of the BCS Scholarship programme

Benefits of being a Lead School

  • Enhanced public recognition, reflecting your staff’s expertise and commitment to Computing and Computer Science, with the entitlement to use the NoE Lead School logo on your organisation’s documentation and website;
  • provide prospective new staff members with the confidence that your organisation is effectively developing its Computing and Computer Science provision and the potential for career development in the future;
  • receive invitations to speak at CAS Hub meetings;
  • opportunity to submit proposals to present at the annual CAS National and Regional Conferences;
  • new and exciting opportunities are always offered to Lead Schools first e.g. Bids to the Mayor of London Fund to roll out Digital Schoolhouse projects across London;
  • access to support the BCS Scholarship Bursary scheme and opportunity to attract the best PGCE applicants
  • opportunity for a member of your staff to apply to become either a Primary or Secondary CAS Master Teacher

Application and other information

To register as a Lead School for the CAS NoE please complete the online registration form

If you have any further questions please email a member of the Network of Excellence team on: noe@computingatschool.org.uk.

The CAS Lead School Audit

At the end of each academic year Lead Schools are required to complete an activity audit in order to maintain their status as a lead School in the NoE.


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