Topics Suggested by Survey Replies

These topics have been suggested through the survey.

Occasional links to starter materials have been added . The survey on which this page is based has link here.

For general background reading see this excellent booklist maintained by Simon Peyton-Jones

Pedagogical methods

1 .A quick overview of some models: see slides 15-37 in this slidestack by Sue Sentance

2. Pair programming - -

3. Use-modify-create - - useful post in Sue Sentance’s blog

4. PRIMM - - same source, different post

5. Peer instruction - - for the purist!  

6. Parson’s problems - - (i) CAS page; (ii) discussion on StackExchange; (iii) the original paper (I think!)

Programming Languages

Greenfoot/Java Greenfoot/Java
Python Python
Programming in KS1-2 ----
Programming in KS3-4 ----
Scratch Scratch

Pseudocode resources on CAS

Forum discussions on CAS


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