Liverpool Conference - 11/11/17

CAS North West (Manchester) are delighted to provide details of a regional conference in conjunction with Liverpool Hope University on November 11th 2017.

We are charging £10 for the conference will all monies raised to be used to purchase equipment for Master Teachers to support teaching and learning in the Liverpool region.

Draft Timetable

09:15 - 9.30Registration and Refreshments
09:30 - 9.45Welcome and keynote with YouthFed
09.45 - 10:15Altru performance
10:30- 11.30Workshop 1
11.30 - 12.30Workshop 2
12.30 - 13.15Self catered lunch and "Market Place"
13.15 - 14.15Workshop 3

Workshops -speakers confirmed just awaiting workshop details

Matthew Wainwright from YouthFed will be going us as the keynote speaker

Workshop Title Workshop Leader Key Stage
3 strategies that guarantee success in GCSE Computer Science
Alan O'Donohue Ks4
Tangled Web - Altru Creative Education is part of Altru Drama CIC – a non-profit organisation which exists to support children’s learning and development through creativity.Join Altru Creative Education to explore e-safety through drama. This session will give you the opportunity to see an abridged version of their play Tangled Web, which tours primary schools. There will also be an opportunity to see and take part in aspects of the accompanying workshop and ask questions. Altru KS2, KS3
Using Raspberry Pi and Python develop your knowledge of simple electronics and computing. A hands on workshop where you can develop your knowledge to complete challenges, including controlling an LED with Python, using a button press to control a circuit, and making a button and LED game. Bob Breckwoldt KS2, KS3
Flipped Learning - Delegates are introduced to the benefits of the flipped classroom methodology and will develop strategies for implementing it successfully. Jamie Chadwick KS4,  KS5
An introduction to Barefoot. Barefoot supports primary educators with the confidence, knowledge, skills and resources to teach computer science. Resources aligned to the curricular for all UK nations. This includes FREE high-quality lesson plans and local CPD Workshops, all designed to help teachers gain confidence in bringing computer science to life in the classroom. Jon Chippindall KS1, KS2
Pedagogy in Primary Computing: 'I can't teach computing: I’m a teacher not a coder.’ This is a common mindset for many Primary school teachers. However, by utilising the pedagogical practices that they employ in other areas of the curriculum, Primary school teachers can find themselves in the perfect position to introduce and enthuse pupils about computational thinking and programming. This session will focus on how we can modify strategies used in other curriculum areas for use in Computing lessons. It will also focus on conceptual understanding, cross-curricular contexts, the role of whole-class teaching, strategies to support individual learners and assessment opportunities. Ben Davies Primary

Developing pupil resilience to meet the demands of GCSE Phill McKenzie KS4
System Architecture and Assembly Language for GCSE: The LMC session is generally used to teach students how the Von Neumann architecture computer works - which have all of the basic features of a modern computer. There will be an unplug activity around the Fetch, Decode and Execute cycle to create and image. There will also be activities around assembly languages using the LMC simulator and how to convert binary to denary and hex. Ahmad Jalloh KS4
Crumbles: Learn the basics of Crumble by building and racing a mini water bottle dragster. Use block code similar to Scratch to control motors and lights (sparkles). Suitable for KS2 and upwards. Will you be the fastest through the course? Jo Hodge KS2 upwards

KS3, KS4

CoSpaces: Build your own virtual world in the palm of your hand.

Phil Nottingham KS2 , KS3

Getting the best out of Office 365 and OneNote in Education Adam Rooney KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5
CodeClub resources and delve into Raspberry Pi foundation initiatives e.g. Pioneers and Astro Pi competitions Liz Smart KS2, KS3
Practical support and guidance from an experienced A level teacher with pupils who consistently achieve highly with their A-Level coursework projects Natalie Lamb KS5
Hands on with the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 resources and find out how they can fully engage your pupils in Computing & STEM.
Neil Taylor KS2 KS3

Algorithm Art: Introducing 3D printing and using the Beetle Blocks 3D programming software (based on Scratch) to program and 3D print a geometric design.
Sonya Horton - UltimakerCREATE
ALL WorkshopaimedatKS2,KS3
Activities to support engaging learners with Python (beginners) David Williams KS3 and KS4

'Market Place'
Dawn Needham - Cambridge University Press. OCR and AQA. A level, GCSE, KS3 and KS2
Liz Smart - Code Club
2 Simple
Lego Education