Getting there (travel and accommodation)

Evening Reception June 15th (Friday)

The Computer Science building will be open in the evening of the 15th for a reception (including a full buffet) from 5:30pm onwards. Early registration will also be available. After dinner, there will be an opportunity to take part in a Speed Geek event, in the Learning Centre opposite the Computer Science building.

Conference Day: June 16th (Saturday)

The conference programme starts with welcome and registration from 8:00am in the atrium of the Computer Science Building (marked Y9 in the yellow zone on the campus map (Edgbaston campus)). (There is also an annotated version of the campus map, with arrows pointing to the main buildings used for the conference.)

The morning plenary lectures start at 9 o'clock and take place in Mechanical and Civil Engineering G31 (marked Y3 in the yellow zone). If you arrive late you can either go to Computer Science to ask for directions, or find your own way by referring to the campus map.

Lectures and workshops take place in Computer Science (Y9) and the Learning Centre (R28, opposite Computer Science). Registration, coffee breaks, and lunch are in the Atrium of the Computer Science building, all plenaries are in Mech Eng G31.

If you arrive late you can either go to Computer Science to ask for directions, or find your own way by referring to the campus map.

Travel information

The conference will take place on the “Edgbaston Campus” of the University of Birmingham, in three buildings which are close to each other and close to the national railway station “University”. The main artery from the city centre to the University (the Bristol Road) is busy at all times of the day. Therefore, we strongly advise you to take the train to reach campus. Here is how:

  • The train line that serves "University" station is the one between "Lichfield Trent Valley" and "Longbridge" (or "Redditch"). The trains are frequent (about one every 10 minutes) and run until late at night.
  • If you catch the train at "Birmingham New Street" (the main rail exchange) then the local train to "Longbridge/Redditch" usually leaves from platform 11 or higher. "University" is the second stop and the whole journey lasts no more than a few minutes.
  • If you start from the Ibis Budget Hotel, then you should walk either to "Birmingham New Street" or to "Five Ways". The latter is the more pleasant choice: Leave the hotel through the main doors, and turn left onto "Great Colmore Street". Walk for about 600 metres and turn right into "Longleat Avenue". After another 100 metres you come to a T-junction with "Wheeley's Lane"; turn left towards a multi-lane thoroughfare. Cross it, turn right and you are looking at the entrance to "Five Ways" railway station. (Check this out on Google Maps and you'll see how straightforward it is.)
  • If you have to drive on the day then use one of the many Park & Ride car parks. The web page gives a useful overview of your options. Note that "University" station is on the red train line from Lichfield Trent Valley to Redditch.
  • Since conference is on a Saturday, driving onto the campus is actually an option, though you may find the layout confusing if you've never been here before. Parking in designated areas is free of charge (also on Friday after 4:30pm).

Once you alight from the train at “University” it is very easy indeed: The Computer Science building is just 80 metres away. Turn left as you leave the station and you will see the department behind a large (sitting) figure. For generic travel information see here.


In previous years we have recommended the Ibis Budget Hotel in the centre of Birmingham, which offers basic accommodation at a very reasonable rate. Contact them at 0121 622 7575 (fax 7576) to reserve a room, or use their online site. You can expect to pay around £40 for B&B.

If you want to be nearer to the campus, then you can consider booking accommodation in the University's Conference Park. Availability is quite limited, however, and you are advised to book early. The phone number for reservations is 0121 415 8400.

There are many more hotels in Birmingham but we don't have first-hand experience to recommend any of them. We would say, however, that you should check how easy it is to reach the University campus from your hotel on Saturday morning, especially if you rely on public transport.

The local organisers

  • Helen Whitby: 0121 415 8742, H.Whitby at
  • Achim Jung: 0121 414 4776, a.jung at

Please note that we do not have any facilities to store luggage safely during the day.
The Twitter hashtag is #casconf18
A campus-wide wireless network for visitors called WiFiGuest is provided by BSkyB.

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