BCS Certificate Terms and Conditions

BCS Certificate Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions for your registration on the BCS Certificate. By making a booking you are committing to a place on the BCS Certificate in Computer Science Teaching.

Start dates

The BCS Certificate has start dates on the first working day of every second month, which are January, March, May, July, September and November. The Guided Route does not have a July start date.

Entry requirements

In order to gain entry on to the BCS Certificate in Computer Science Teaching you should be currently teaching Computing in primary, secondary or further education. The Certificate is not appropriate for those teaching Computing in higher education. We expect that most teachers will have Qualified Teacher Status. If this is not the case, your headteacher will be asked to confirm that you are currently teaching Computing. If you normally teach Computing but temporarily do not have a position as a teacher then please seek advice about the feasibility and eligibility of starting and/or completing the Certificate.

Use of Certificate Learning Environment

On registration you will be given access to the Certificate Learning Environment. You should not give anybody else access to your login details. When posting on forums you should be respectful of others’ opinions and comments. You should use the guidance given to submit work using the appropriate forms and use the messaging facility to contact your e-assessor.

BCS Certificate Payment

Payment must be received within 15 days of the invoice date or at the time of booking if paying by credit or debit card. Please make sure you quote your invoice number in any correspondence about finance.

Completion of Certificate Requirements

You have one year to submit the following pieces of work, respond to feedback and produce evidence of the standard set out in the assessment criteria.

  • Start: Initial Plan
  • Part 1: Draft Professional Log
  • Part 1: Final Professional Log
  • Part 2: Programming Project Proposal
  • Part 2: Draft Programming Project
  • Part 2: Final Programming Project
  • Part 3: Pedagogy Project Proposal
  • Part 3: Draft Pedagogy Project
  • Part 3: Final Pedagogy Project

Teachers are given suggested interim deadlines but are expected to manage their own time and allow time to respond to feedback on drafts.


If the deadline for submission has passed without completion of the Certificate, and no application for extension or interruption has been received, the candidate will be withdrawn from the Certificate, and no refund will be given.

Extensions and Interruptions

If you are unable to complete the work done by the submission date then you should read the Extension and Interruption policy. Applications should be made by email to mailto:certificate@computingatschool.org.uk .


Teachers should ensure that all work submitted for the BCS Certificate is their own. Comments from e-assessors can be incorporated to improve the submission. If an e-assessor suspects that work submitted has been plagiarised, then the Senior Assessor will be consulted and if serious plagiarism has occurred an automatic fail will be given. More information is given in our Academic Integrity Policy.


If you no longer want to take up the place booked on the BCS Certificate in Computer Science Teaching, you can cancel. Cancellations must be received in writing via email to certificate@computingatschool.org.uk . A full refund will be payable if the request is received before the start date and 50% refund if the request is received up to one month after the start date. After that date no refund will be given.

Guided Route

Teachers signing up for the guided route will be informed when their Part 2 and Part 3 course will run. Attendance at all sessions is expected and Certificates of Participation will only be issued to those teachers who both attend and complete the assigned activities.

On completion

Once you complete, your name will be added to the Roll of Honour on the Computing At School website unless you ask us by email not to do so. Your Certificate will be sent as a hard copy (UK only) to your school or home address, depending on your preference. If you wish, your headteacher will be formally informed of your success.


After passing the BCS Certificate in Computer Science Teaching, teachers will be offered one year’s free membership of the BCS.

Your data

We will hold your data securely and not pass on to any third party. Some of your data will be shared with your e-assessor to enable them to contact you and know about your teaching. If you give us permission when completing the form we will share which CAS Regional Centre (CRC) you are in so that CAS can contact you and if you give us your headteacher’s email address we will contact them when you have completed the Certificate.

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