TICE project progress

March 2016

22 teachers and 7 academics have been involved since October 2015 and in March 2016we met for our second meeting. Whereas the focus of the first meeting was to introduce the basics of designing a research intervention, and to establish and focus on specific research questions, the second meeting was designed to find out how to analyse data that had been gathered and how to write this up. We are also keen to provide teachers with easy ways of sharing and disseminating their research projects, however small, and have created a template “poster” which will be used to create posters, presentation and a team booklet summarising the research. This will also be fed back to the teachers’ schools, who have released them to participate in the project.

Some example research questions are: • Can a child’s understanding of debugging be deepened by the use of unplugged CS? • Does embedding a pupil democratic enterprise culture into the KS4 Computing curriculum aid in raising attainment? • Does computational thinking improve achievement in reading comprehension? • Does child-led teaching improve teachers’ computing knowledge and understanding? • How do attitudes to computing and gender change from KS1 – 5?