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BCS Computer Science Teacher Training Scholarship

BCS, in partnership with the Department for Education (DfE) offer £28,000 tax free scholarships to outstanding candidates that are looking to inspire the next generation of Computer Scientists.

Since 2013, we have offered teacher training scholarships to individuals that aspire to be Computer Science teachers and to date the scheme has proved a remarkable success.

Scholarship benefits

Each Scholarship is worth £28,000 (tax free), and we intend to award around 120 Scholarships this year. The funding is supplied by the DfE and is paid in instalments over your year of Initial Teacher Training (ITT). Your course will need to lead to you gaining Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) at Secondary school level. This scheme is intended for those that start a Computing ITT course in September or October of 2018.

We also provide your first year of Associate Membership of BCS (AMBCS) for free, along with dedicated workshops and support throughout your ITT year. 

Support for existing teachers

The Scholarship scheme is one of our activities designed to support the building of teaching capacity in schools. In addition to encouraging new Computing teachers to the profession, we also recognise the need to provide support to existing teachers and to help them with the transition from the ICT curriculum to the new Computing curriculum. 

So what does it take?

Applications are welcome from both recent graduates or from those who may be considering a change of career. For recent graduates all we ask is that you have obtained a minimum of a 2.2 in a Computer Science or Maths degree, or another degree and are engaged upon a Computer Science Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) course. We will also consider candidates who may have a STEM degree with significant computing content such as Electronic Engineering, or a non-STEM degree but with extensive professional experience in a computing industry, for example a History graduate who moved into a Computer Science career with many years of computing experience through their work. You will also need to obtain, or go on to obtain a place on an ITT course leading to Computing/Computer Science initial QTS at secondary level in England.

The scheme is including Microsoft, Google, IBM, Goldman Sachs, BT, HP, Metaswitch Networks, Toshiba, Ocado, Morgan Stanley, and Citrix.

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