CRC resources for training

CAS Tenderfoot is a Google sponsored initiative providing high quality and content rich CPD materials. Each Unit providing 1 full day or several smaller sessions of CPD.

The purpose of each Tenderfoot Unit is to equip trainers with material and ideas to support computer science teachers.

Teachers will leave a CAS Tenderfoot session empowered to broaden the outlook of less experienced colleagues, new to computer science.

An important message about CAS Tenderfoot is that it is focussed on developing teachers’ deepening subject knowledge. Although the resources used are excellent materials for use in the classroom the key aim is providing greater depth of knowledge for teachers themselves. Developing teachers is the focus, not providing activities for pupils.

The resources are provided in a way that best meets the needs of the providers through unique URLs.

If you are a trainer and wish to deliver CAS Tenderfoot training then contact your local CAS Regional Centre or email

CAS Tenderfoot resources (Units)

Presentation - an editable Microsoft PowerPoint presentation file that structures the training session.
Trainer’s Notes - a single PDF file covering all aspects of the day-long unit.
Teachers’ Notes - a collection of PDF files each covering one or more of the activities.*
Handouts - support the training activities – these are duplicated, one per attendee.

* The Teachers' Notes are critical in providing the "why" and "how" those activities
support the teachers' subject knowledge of that aspect of computer science.

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