Quantum: Free Computing quizzes to save you time

Project Quantum is a free, crowd sourced bank of assessment questions suitable for Computer Science teachers looking to quickly assess their students knowledge and understanding of the topics they are teaching. Currently there's over 8,000 Multiple Choice Questions for you to access across a range of topics, and this is constantly growing, with people submitted more questions all the time.  

“What I love about Quantum is that it easy-to-use, quick to setup, and the insights I get into what children know is invaluable” Iain Davis, CAS Master Teacher

So why use Quantum?

  1. It's FREE...forever! You can create an account, add your class to it and build as many quizzes as you like all for free
  2. It saves you time and reduces your workload by providing a bank of crowd-sourced, self-marking questions
  3. The questions are crowd-sourced and quality-checked, giving you access to a growing question of bank that can be used to check your pupils' understanding and support their progress
  4. The analysis feature enables you to analyse pupils' responses to identify common misconceptions and measure progress.
"I love the Quantum quizzes. They allow me to give a relevant quick test with misconceptions that I can use with my whole class to find out what they know and where the misconceptions are! Brilliant! Tig Williams, CAS Master Teacher

Get started now

  • Quantum quizzes is Quantum’s home page on the Diagnostic Questions platform. There you’ll find a collection of 250+ quizzes ready to use, with more each week.
  • Eedi maps out topic-based quizzes to your scheme of learning and assigns it to your pupils, enabling you to save time by providing feedback to common misconceptions.
  • Quantum Scheme of Work is an easy way for you to use quizzes in an automated way to support learning. Two quizzes on each topic, automatically delivered to the students, ensures that a topic has been understood and embedded.

And here's a quick video to help you get started.