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CAS Secondary HODs

This group aims to support current (and aspiring) Heads of Computer Science/Computing in Secondary schools. Working as a Computing HOD can be a lonely and challenging experience and often hard to connect with other HODs from around the country. Use this group as a chance to to share what we're doing in our own departments, share resources and ideas for building a thriving department and, who knows (?), perhaps a moan and a groan along the way!

Community: CAS Secondary HODs

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Simon Humphreys
21/11/2023 20:05

@Chris_Sharples and @yabbas, ping me an email and I’ll forward you a copy :slight_smile:

21/11/2023 09:11

I don’t think I did,

Chris Sharples
21/10/2023 09:01

Is there a link to the summary doc pls? @shumphreys

Simon Humphreys
20/10/2023 15:24


If it’s your half-term next week then I hope you manage to get some much needed R&R!

We’re thinking on our next meeting (early Dec probably …) and plan to pick up on one of the themes from our meeting this half-term which was around “Helping students get the marks they deserve”. This should give enough space to think about revision and exam technique with students towards the end of next term.

Might you have a think about the following? We’re keen to enable those in the group to lead and deliver!

  • If you have experience of marking (either GCSE/A Level) for any of the exam boards and would be willing to share your insights might you drop me an email at

  • Additionally, you might have picked up good practice tips to pass on to your students? Similarly, drop me a line to be included in the agenda.

In the meantime have a lovely break, you deserve it :slight_smile:

All best


Simon Humphreys
17/10/2023 19:35

@yabbas Hi, did you receive the summary sent as a message to the whole group …?

14/10/2023 13:11

One more apology for no attendance - have had quite a lot on my plate recently!

Could anything be shared with me?

Simon Humphreys
04/10/2023 11:20

Many thanks Andy … I’ve added the abstract concepts to my list and noted the offer :slight_smile:

Andy Colley
04/10/2023 07:49

Sorry I couldn’t make it everyone. My NPQ assessment got released on Monday and it’s eating up every spare second.

Looks like a good list, I’d add techniques for explaining, modelling & checking for understanding of abstract concepts (eg stages of the FDE cycle) too.

I’ve done lots of work with PRIMM across Scratch, Edublocks & Python. Happy to share & discuss that stuff if people want it?

Simon Humphreys
03/10/2023 20:06

Thanks Pete, I’m glad it was useful. I’ll tidy the document up a little but it was so useful as we’ve potentially got some headings for a couple of years worth of meeting and investigations! I will circulate anon but OTTOMH:

  • What to do with Y9 after options?
  • KS4 provision (non-GCSE)
  • Breaking down the coding skills for GCSE, esp for low-ability
  • Knowledge retention
  • Resilience with coding
  • non-Python resources
  • Getting the marks in the exam
  • View on which exam board

Plus, potential guest presenters (from the hub!) on e.g.

  • Endpoints for revision and testing
  • Using GitHub for student project work
  • Code challenges and internal competitions


Onward …

Pete Dring
03/10/2023 19:03

Thank you so much for running the event today Simon. The collaborative resource / suggestion / challenges doc was a goldmine. Thank you to everyone who shared. Sorry to arrive late and come and go. Computing’s not been chosen as a deep dive subject so the pressure is off a little for tomorrow’s visitors!

Simon Humphreys
02/10/2023 12:58

Hi, Quick reminder: we are meeting tomorrow at 4PM. The link to register is: CAS Secondary HODs

Simon Humphreys
14/09/2023 10:12

This group might also be interested in the relaunch of the A Level teacher Community. There’s a meet-up planned for November: Creative approaches to programming, sharing and updates

Simon Humphreys
12/09/2023 15:57

Yes, we’ll make sure that a summary is kept and shared

Robert Nixon
12/09/2023 15:21

Thanks Simon. Have provisionally booked myself in although I may have to prioritise writing my NPQ assignment…I will try and make it!

Oliver Williams
12/09/2023 12:30

Sadly can’t make it (SEND CPD meeting) - please could you post a summary?

Simon Humphreys
12/09/2023 11:33

Many thanks to all who were able to complete the brief survey. in light of responses there I’ve set up meeting for Oct 3rd 4.00Pm - 5.00PM. The booking link is: CAS Secondary HODs

Simon Humphreys
04/08/2023 12:07

I’m curious to see if there is a preference for the “best” time to arrange a meeting - I know, an impossible question - but there’s a GForm here: When you get a moment, please complete and we can see if there is a consensus.

Simon Humphreys
25/07/2023 11:14

Hi Ollie, Welcome! I see you’ve joined the community group which is great. Simon

Ollie Woods
24/07/2023 21:23

Hi all, aspiring HoD here to learn from those in the know if that’s ok? I’m five years into teaching with a year at my current school, currently a department of two with a head of Science Faculty overseeing us as opposed to a discrete HoD.

Robert Nixon
21/07/2023 14:41

I’ve worked on it a bit. One of the things we need to work on is careers education. It is in my SIP for next year so depending on how that goes I can hopefully advance along it a bit this time next year.

Emily Roberts
21/07/2023 10:07

How many students is enough? Is there a core percentage of cohort they are looking for? I am assuming that they want this at both KS4 and KS5?


Oliver Williams
21/07/2023 09:50

Yes - part way through updating self-evaluation element form pre-Covid.
Sadly missing out as not enough students take computing, ever changing staffing in KS2 regarding CPD - mainly out of my control.

Emily Roberts
21/07/2023 09:34

Thank you for setting this up. Looking forward to taking part in HoD discussions - for example, has any one gone through the process of pursuing the NCCE Computing Mark for their school?

Hope everyone has a great summer, when it comes!

Bill Robinson
20/07/2023 15:43

Thank you very much for setting this up, Simon, I’m looking forward to the discussions.


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