Why the Seven Personae of Cyber?

Published by Sylwia Wojslaw on 2020-02-05

The Seven Personae of Cyber was developed by Deloitte Ontario to put a human face on the challenges and solutions regarding the massive shortage in Cyber Security talent. It provides a useful reference point to understand the changing talent requirements in the context of evolving technology whilst making the different roles accessible to non-security individuals and inclusive to a broader audience...


The Best of BETT 2020

Published by Hayley Sully on 2020-02-05

Two of our fabulous CAS Outreach Managers attended BETT 2020, 22-25 January. Here they provide us with their key takeaways from the event.


Early Years and Computing

Published by Neil Rickus on 2020-01-31

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) can provide opportunities for young children to use technology and develop their ability to use computational thinking. Within this article, we examine how each area of the EYFS framework enables children to familiarise themselves with a range of digital devices and prepare them to effectively access the National Curriculum computing programme of study.


BETT SHOW 2020 - Mounting the Barricades

Published by Jesse Banovic on 2020-01-30

According to Simon Peyton Jones, chair of the National Centre for Computing Education and Computing at School, it’s time for a different approach to the teaching of computing in the classroom.


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