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Computing - A Curriculum for Schools


This curriculum, produced by a working party within CAS, describes in concrete terms what a Computing curriculum at school might look like. It uses the same structure as the National Curriculum Programmes of Study: importance of the discipline; key concepts; key processes; range and content; and level descriptors. It is not cast in stone, so please send feedback. In particular, it is intended to be comprehensible to school teachers (so please tell us if it isn’t).

The CAS Computing Curriculum is endorsed by both Microsoft, Google and BCS The Chartered Institute for IT:


"Microsoft has built its business on the knowledge and skills of our talented computer scientists and we therefore fully support the aims of the Computing At School Working Group (CAS). We were a foundation member and we promote their mission through all our networks and blogs. We see the Curriculum for Computing developed by CAS as providing a solid foundation for teaching the principles and concepts of computer science in a creative and animated way. This will help deliver the capabilities and experience which Microsoft needs for our workforce and our SME partners. This is particularly important because there is currently a shortage of people with the right Computer Science expertise in the UK.

Computer science is not just good for the economy, it is fun and it gives young people huge opportunities in life. For example, Kodu our visual programming language made specifically for creating games allows children to design games in an accessible manner. At university level, Microsoft’s Imagine Cup world’s premier student technology competition gives students the opportunity to solve tough problems facing the world today, and maybe even turn their ideas into a business. Furthermore, Microsoft is also supporting Computer Science teachers with resources through the ‘Partners in Learning’ scheme and our Dreamspark programme provides professional-level developer and design tools to students and educators around the world at no charge.

CAS and its partners including Microsoft are confident that they can support the expansion of Computer Science and we would like to see Government encourage schools to adopt it."


"As a company and as individual engineers, we at Google feel strongly that it is important that all schoolchildren get both a solid grounding in computational thinking and an opportunity to explore the fundamental skills and concepts that underpin Computing and Software Engineering. In particular, we believe every child should have exposure to and experience of the joy of programming, and specifically of engineering new things (out of software, physical materials or a blend of the two) to complement their education in Mathematics, Science, English, Music, Art, Languages and other core subjects that will shape their future career and life choices.

There are multiple ways to achieve this, and Google continues to support a range of approaches, through our CS4HS scheme which funds Universities working with schools and through our support for relevant technologies and tools, such as Greenfoot. We directly and indirectly support the work of CAS in these areas, and view this example Curriculum for Computing as a useful and relevant contribution, describing important computing principles and concepts. We hope this will prove to be of widespread value in schools across the UK and beyond. We encourage schools to look at the CAS curriculum and consider it as one possible way to improve their provision in this topic area."

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

"BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, is the professional body for IT in the UK. One of its principal objectives, as defined by its Royal Charter, is to support the advancement of Computing education. BCS believe it is essential that schoolchildren from primary school onwards are taught how to create digital technology and software for themselves. In particular this means school children need to be introduced to the scientific and engineering principles and concepts of Computer Science. Although technology changes ever more rapidly, the principles and concepts that they are built on do not. The Computing At School curriculum lays out these important principles and concepts in an exemplary form that is particularly suitable for secondary schools. We believe this curriculum will be of value to schools for decades to come."

Promoting and supporting excellence in computer science education

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