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Examples of this working in practice

University of Plymouth

Collaborating on large-scale events, such as the Festival of Computing, as well as supporting smaller events, such as local CAS Community of Practice meetings.

University of Warwick

Being a CAS supporter and hosting CAS COP meetings.

Professor Margaret Low – Coventry Mixed Community - Professor Low received an MBE for her amazing work in Student Outreach at the University of Warwick, of which her commitment to CAS is an important part of this. Professor Low has enabled Warwick students to run dedicated Scratch workshops in local primary and secondary schools, which has reached several hundred young people every year, equipping the next generation with key skills for the future.

Keele University

James Borg – Stoke Secondary Community - James co-leads Stoke Secondary Community and works within the School of Computing and Maths and Keele University. James has been instrumental in implementing innovative ways in which Keele can support local schools such as hosting their Institute for Innovation in Teaching and Education.

University of Hertfordshire

Hosting conferences and CAS COP meetings, and supporting the NCCE Computing hubs.

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