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Volunteering with us in 2021

This year we are looking for volunteers to support us with these two goals:

Goal 1: Establish a reading group that focuses on diversity and inclusion in computing

This year we would like to continue our mission through reading and research. Our aim is to start a reading group where we meet throughout the year to discuss a paper relating to diversity and inclusion in computing.

We are looking for volunteers who will support us in organising the meetings, identifying relevant research, taking notes and writing blog posts about our discussions and findings.

Goal 2: Review/contribute to the CAS diversity and inclusion support materials

CAS is working on the creation of diversity and inclusion materials to support hub leaders in advising their communities in this important area. We are looking for volunteers from a diverse range of backgrounds to review and/or contribute to these materials.

Can you help?

If you would like to volunteer with us and support our goals then please get in touch either through our twitter account: @CASinclude or via our email: