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The CAS curriculum working group was established to work towards developing a broader view of the Computing curriculum. The intention is to discuss and debate how things are now and how they can be improved to better serve learners.

The working group encourages debate and critical analysis of the current curriculum and the intention is to produce outputs that can be used to influence stakeholders in sharing a common view on what works well and what can be improved with the curriculum.

The initial focus will be reviewing the existing formal curricula set by the various awarding bodies at GCSE and looking at how these can be improved. The group will also work on several other areas of interest.


Sessions will be dedicated to the following areas of interest with guest speakers and presentations from those working in the fields followed by discussion on how the working group can move towards a tangible outcome. 

The Computing content at KS3/4

  • Subject content is now 5+ years old and needs updating
  • The changes to the assessment model shift emphasis
  • Is it too narrowly defined? (CS/IT/DL)
  • A new IT? (without the baggage of the past)

The core CT elements at KS4

  • Computational thinking and programming
  • A new reduced emphasis on coding
  • Effective pedagogy for teaching problem solving using computational tools
  • The role of physical computing

Data Science and AI/ML in the curriculum

  • Next generation subject or evolution/hybrid of subjects
  • Data Science examples and avoiding siloing of subjects
  • More math and less IT/hardware?
  • Links to IoT and data capture/edge computing
  • Is it stats or CS?

Digital literacy and IT

  • BCS definition (CS/IT/DL) – 3 distinct subjects within Computing
  • Cambridge International spec 
  • Computing vs Computer Science at GCSE
  • A staggered approach? 

Cyber Security

  • DL, IT or CS domain at KS3/4?
  • Good expression in T Levels
  • Resourcing it effectively
  • When to introduce it considering its complexity?

Ways of working

  • Quarterly online catch-ups covering what has been achieved
  • Agile sprints on given topics, drafted and shared on FB for feedback and published on CAS 
  • The sprints may include separate online meetings when needed
  • Discussion and ideation on Facebook Join the Facebook Group 
  • Discussion via the CAS Curriculum Working Group Discussion Forum