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Leading a local CAS Community

Running a local CAS Community has been described as "low maintenance, high impact". It takes, at most, a few hours each month to organise a CAS meeting, but all – including the organiser – leave these meetings motivated to try something new in their classroom.

Benefits of leading a CAS Community

  • Development of own understanding and practice in supporting collaborative professional development within and beyond school
  • Raising profile in own school and local community of schools
  • Opportunity to shape development of the subject through CAS and the NCCE
  • Access to new resources provided centrally and through the CAS community, supported by training in these resources and pedagogies
  • Develop as a Community Leader through the CAS Community Leader development programme
  • Training in using classroom resources for teaching computing
  • Public liability insurance through BCS for all CAS activity
  • Discuss and share with other CAS Community members

In addition all CAS Community Leaders will be invited to attend a Community Leader induction which covers:

  • First steps as a Community Leader
  • Administration and branding
  • Recognition and development

After induction each Community Leader will then receive a Community Leader pack, which includes a CAS supporter's certificate, CAS banner and other resources/information to support you in your role. More information is available at the link below.  

Community Leader SharePoint