Regional Hubs and Other Contacts

A CAS hub is a meeting of teachers and lecturers who wish to share their ideas for developing the teaching of computing in their schools, their classrooms and their community. It is a meeting of like-minded professionals with the general objective of supporting each other and the specific aim of providing (at least) one idea that can be taken and tried in the classroom.

CAS have hubs across the UK and contact details for each of these is listed here.   Use the buttons to the right of the map to show only the hubs.  All members of CAS can find out their nearest hub from their profile page on the community site assuming your profile includes your postcode!  CAS hub meetings are open to all and your local CAS hub group will welcome your attendance or involvement in their group, whether you are a practising teacher, an IT professional who would like to help, an academic from the nearby University or a parent of school age children. 

Claire Davenport, the Hub Group Support Manager, says:

"I can see the immediate and positive ripple effect of Hub group meetings in a geographical area - membership applications rise in the days following a Hub meeting, where people have attended a meeting for the first time, and have been persuaded to join CAS.  These groups are of great value as they offer the personal face of CAS, not just online forums but real 'live' support from keen volunteers who understand the pressures that fellow teachers can face."


The CAS Hub network

The network of CAS regional Hubs is growing rapidly. There are now 84 hubs in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Europe and Asia. The first meeting of CAS Bangkok (SE Asia) met on 7 November. Other new groups have started in Luton and Beds, Sunbury, Gravesend, Solihull, Tameside, Suffolk (Secondary), North Lakes (Carlisle), Portsmouth, South Staffs (Primary), Salford, South Humberside, West Essex and Herts border and London borough of Havering.

If you live in England, we hope that you are no more than 40 minutes away from your nearest hub. If there isn't a hub within easy travelling distance, you may want to volunteer to host your own group.

To find out more about running a regional CAS Hub, we've written a guide to offer more information to those who may be interested, but don't know what it may entail.

Mandi Banks runs the CAS Regional Hub in Manchester. At the CAS Conference 2012 she spoke about the role of the hubs

Why attend a Hub meeting?

Kate writes a lovely blog post of her experiences at a recent hub meeting in Teignmouth.

What does a Hub Leader do? - Exploding the myths

Running a CAS Regional Hub has been described as 'low maintenance - high impact'.  Sharing the responsibility for running a group between two or three people lowers the maintenance level even further! 

It does help to have a working teacher as one of the Hub leaders, to ensure that every meeting fulfils the brief of being of practical help for working ICT/Computing teachers.  As an absolute minimum, every meeting should offer a 'takeaway' idea or resource that could be used in the classroom the following day/week/term. We don't want the meetings to be just 'talking shops'.

Sunbury Hub Leader on CAS

Hub leaders responsibilities and commitments

CAS support

For further information about the CAS Regional Hubs contact:  Claire Davenport

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