Network of Teaching Excellence in Computer Science

September 2012 saw the launch of the Network of Teaching Excellence in Computer Science.  CAS, working in collaboration with the BCS Academy to co-ordinate and provide training opportunities for both existing teachers and those training for the profession.  This initiative is supported by The Department For Education, OCR, CPHC, Microsoft and Google.  As the government and other industry leaders and educators call for more Computer Science in the school curriculum there is a need to raise the confidence level of existing ICT/Computing teachers to embrace Computer Science, if they are not already doing so.

The DfE have supported the application made by CAS/BCS to continue and expand the Network of Teaching Excellence in Computer Science (NoE). The heart of the programme is to build a high-quality, sustainable CPD infrastructure at low cost. This will be achieved by nurturing long-term, bottom-up collaboration between employers, universities, professional bodies, schools and teachers.

In the first six months of the scheme:

During this phase over 700 hours of CPD contact time was delivered by the Master Teachers. The DfE have been impressed and their approval has now been matched by this further grant. The funding we have received is for two years but we are working on a five year programme to:

How to get involved

  1. Register your school as part of the Network.  By doing this your school is saying that Computing as a subject is important, it is part of the school development plan and we want to ensure our staff have access to suitable training.  More information
  2. Register your school as a Lead School.  As part of the NoE registration each school is invited to self-designate as a lead school.  This means that your school will make time to support colleagues in other schools (at least one).  More information
  3. Apply to be a CAS Master Teacher More information
  4. Register your university  University faculty (both Computer science and Education departments)  are central to the success of the Network.  The needs for both subject knowledge and pedagogical knowledge are really needed.  We want to encourage university colleagues to forge links with the primary and secondary schools in their area, find out what they need, working with master teachers in the area design and deliver SKE courses, find ways of utlising undergraduates or post-graduates to support both curricular and extra-curricular activiteis with the schools or just being at the end of a friendly email stream to help answer questions from the teachers.  Register here

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