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2012: the year computing came in from the cold

where did cas come from?

there is no them - only us. CAS hubs continue to expand

building our capability via the network of excellence


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much ado about knitting

A recursive sweater

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computer science bits & bytes

starting programming is childs play with gamemaker

  • Gamemaker is free for educational use. You'll find further details on their website at http://www.yoyogames.com The recent release of Game Maker Studio allows pupils to create games for iOS, Android, desktop and the Web (HTML5) and will produce an app store-ready iOS, Android or OS X app, Windows executable or HTML5 code, all at the push of a button and all from the same source code! See www.yoyogames.com/gamemaker/studio

computational thought - THE LITERACY OF THE 21st CENTURY

  • This is a shortened version of an article that was first published in The Telegraph on 17/11/2012. The full, unedited version can be found on Tom Crick's excellent blog, "Computing, The Science Of Nearly Everything" at http://drtomcrick.com/tag/computational-thinking/

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codecademy launch class kits for computingclubs

computing++ linking coders and schools

  • Martin Saunders created and maintains Computing++, a website that brings coders and teachers together. It aims to support teachers and facilitate mentoring, particularly those new to coding. See the previous issue of SwitchedOn for a review and check out the website here: www.computingplusplus.org

beginning to appreciate the beauty and joy of computing  

where are the girls? tackling the gender gap in computing   

  • geekEquality is passionate about empowering organisations to diversify their workforce through public engagement and diversity training. You can find out more about their work at http://www.geekequality.com/, which includes several excellent links to articles on the research page.
  • The following articles / papers were referenced in the feature:
    • Deem, R. (1981). "State Policy and Ideology in the Education of Women, 1944-1980." British Journal of Sociology of Education 2(2): 131 - 143.
    • Byrne (1978). Women and Education. Volume 172 of Social science paperbacks, Routledge.
    • Whyte, J. (1986). Girls into Science and Technology: the story of a project. London, Boston and Henley, Routledge & Kegan Paul.
    • Ormerod (1975). "Subject preference and choice in coeducational and single sex secondary schools." British Journal of Educational Psychology(45): 275-67.
    • Fothergill, R. 1981 . Microelectronics Education Programme: The Strategy , Stanmore, Middlesex : Department of Education and Science
    • Forrest, G. M. (1992). "Gender Differences in School Science Examinations." Studies in Science Education 20(1): 87 - 122.
    • Janet Carter and Tony Jenkins. 2002. Gender differences in programming?. SIGCSE Bull. 34, 3 (June 2002), 188-192.
    •  International journal of gender, science and technology GST can be found at http://genderandset.open.ac.uk/index.php/genderandset/index   

girls into computing: year eight is too late

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#include: computer science for all

  • There is a dedicated forum space for "Girls in Computing" on the CAS Community. The #include website, which includes some excellent links on the wiki can be found at http://casinclude.org.uk/

video stories that will inspire girls

little miss geek: bridging the gap between girls and technology

technology to wear: creative coding with the lilypad arduino

  • Sophie McDonald is co-founder sketchPatch.net and MzTEK. sketchPatch is a programming playground based on the language Processing. It allows people to play with programming in a easy and fun way. You can write your own programs and run them in the browser, share them, or collaborate with other people making new versions of their programs. You'll find it at http://www.sketchpatch.net/index.html . MzTEK is a non-profit organisation with the aim of addressing the imbalance of women artists working in the fields of new media, computer arts, and technology. See http://www.mztek.org

GET started with the help of open softwear

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celebrating female role models past and present.


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first conference "sell out" success for cas scotland

more positive developments for cas in northern ireland

latest "must read" issue of cs4fn out now.

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Tommorrow's generation inspired by today's creators

GETTING TO grips with your pi using some raspberry filling

manchester hub hosts introduction to pi-face

raspberry jamboree: manchester

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teentech events inspire tommorrow's innovators

  • TeenTech organise lots of events across many regions. You can find out more about their initiatives on their website: http://www.teentechevent.com/
  • TeenTech has introduced a competition for 11 to 16-year-olds, encouraging them to develop a project idea, form a team and collaborate with other schools or companies to try to resolve the problem. The Duke of York is patron of the awards scheme, which is designed to encourage entrepreneurship. Google is sponsoring the Education category, details of which can be found here: http://www.teentechevent.com/teentech-awards-2013/education/

teachers made welcome at pycon uk community meet

computer science 4 high school: CS4HS

  • The deadline for funding applications is 16 Feb. Further details of the CS4HS program including information for this years submissions can be found at www.cs4hs.com

a good thing? code checking extensions and project roslyn

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essential reading for pi enthusiasts

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