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‘HEADY excitement’ of CAS Teacher conference 2010

The link to full report of the conference can be found on our homepage http://www.computingatschool.org.uk/  


Supporting resources and further news about Kodu development are available from http://www.planetkodu.com/

The Magic of Computer Science can be downloaded free from the CS4FN website: http://www.cs4fn.org/magic/

Scratch is available free from http://scratch.mit.edu/

Build Your Own Blocks is similarly available at http://byob.berkeley.edu/


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The Royal Society looks at school computing

Further coverage of the announcement of the study can be found at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-10865856


As part of this study there is an open Call for Evidence, here: http://royalsociety.org/WorkArea/DownloadAsset.aspx?id=4294972167

This call is an open invitation for you to have your say.  Anyone can respond, from big organisations like IBM down to individual teachers. CAS are particularly keen for school teachers to have strong input into this study. Do please consider whether you might take the time to respond. What is “evidence”?  Many teachers will not have access to relevant numerical data but another valuable form of evidence is “here is what I have observed in my classroom/school over the last decade of teaching”.  Don’t be shy of putting that forward as evidence; you work where the rubber hits the road.  You will tremendously strengthen the case for change if you provide the RS with unmistakable evidence that there is a problem in our classrooms, based on your personal experience. CAS is focused sharply on computing at school, but the RS report will range more broadly, over ICT as well.  So don’t feel constrained to comment only on the “computing” part. Observations about both the current state of ICT provision, and your experiences of teaching computing, are relevant.

American Computer Science Education week

The website supporting the events can be accessed here: http://www.csedweek.org/                 

In particular check out the video page.


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Animation 10 competition celebrates record entry

Winning animations and photo’s from the Awards Festival can be seen at http://www.cs.manchester.ac.uk/Animation10

cs4fn issue 11 out now

The latest issue can be downloaded (and hard copies ordered) from http://www.cs4fn.org/magazine/magazine.html

Anyone for robotics?  Introducing Arduino

See coolcomponents.co.uk, nuelectronics.com and sparkfun.com amongst others for further details of components available.

Here is a sample Arduino program to get going:



Turns on an LED on for one second, then off for one second, repeatedly.

Note: On most Arduino boards, there is already an LED on the board  connected to pin 13, so you don't need any extra components for this


int ledPin =  13;                 // LED connected to digital pin 13

// setup()runs once, at startup

void setup() {

pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);   // set the digital pin as an output:



// loop() method runs continually, as long as the Arduino has power

void loop() {

digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH); // set the LED on

delay(1000);               // wait for a second


digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW); // set the LED off

delay(1000;                // wait for a second



Compile the code, download to the Arduino, which then resets and starts blinking away.

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Informatics Olympiad

Details of the next competition will appear here later this year: http://www.olympiad.org.uk/

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Using javascript to get computing into KS3 ICT

Currently eight interactive puzzles can be found at http://theingots.org/community/LinkPuzzles. The links on the menu provide explanations of how the games work and notes about the code. You can play  the games / puzzles then study the source code by selecting View – Source from your browser menu.

Sharing your Greenfoot ideas in the greenroom

You can download the Greenfoot software athttp://www.greenfoot.org/  and sign up for the Greenroom site at http://greenroom.greenfoot.org/. 

Pupils can upload and view material in the Greenfoot Gallery at http://www.greenfootgallery.org/

Essential material for GCSE computing

The Hi Tech Treck DVD can be requested free direct form our homepage http://www.computingatschool.org.uk/

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Vital announces new developments

Go to www.vital.ac.uk/content/teachshares to find out more about TeachShares and how to use Vital's Elluminate Live! system to support staff development in your school or interest group (for free). 

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Teach computing without a pc!

All the unplugged exercises can be downloaded individually or as a complete book from http://csunplugged.com/

Southampton University cipher challenge

The new competition starts on the 7th October and you can register free from 14th September via http://www.cipher.maths.soton.ac.uk/

A pause for thought

The solution, hints, teachers notes and an online app can be found here: http://nrich.maths.org/public/viewer.php?obj_id=5916

Help spread the word

If you are able to distribute copies of SwitchedOn at relevant meetings and events we will be happy to send you multiple copies. Please send an e-mail to  simon.humphreys@computingatschool.org.uk


We hope you have enjoyed this issue. If you would like to contribute to further issues please send correspondence, suggestions and features to newsletter@computingatschool.org.uk