Apps For Good (Debbie Forster) Conference 2011

New cutting-edge course bringing innovation and entrepreneurship to the classroom.

Find out how your school can get involved and learn more about this real-life education programme that combines mobile technology, business skills, civic engagement, and  problem solving.

‘Apps for Good’ is a programme backed by Dell YouthConnect and The Nominet Trust  where young people learn to identify problems in their everyday lives and, with guidance  from technology industry professionals, create imaginative mobile apps that solve them.  The course piloted in London last year and now CDI Europe, the charity behind Apps for  Good, is expanding the scheme to schools across England.

‘Apps for Good’ teaches young people about the world by expecting them to transform it.  During 70 contact hours, students work in teams to uncover the issues they want to tackle  and solve before designing a way of fixing it with a mobile app. The students learn about the  different functionalities of smartphones and use the devices as tools to explore the world of  mobile applications themselves in a personal learning journey – documenting their community- based research and learning through videos, photos and immediate notes on their phones.  

More information about the course can be found on the website: or by  contacting Debbie Forster at  


Debbie Forster
Head of Partnering at the education charity, CDI Europe  

Debbie is currently leading on the UK school launch of their newest programme, Apps for Good, an innovative course which teaches young people to create apps that change their  world. Debbie also chairs e-skills UK’s “Girls in IT” Employers group, a campaign which  brings together IT professionals to inspire young women about a career in technology. 

Debbie has 20 years of educational experience, working in a range of single sex, co- educational, selective and comprehensive schools in the UK and the US, most recently  serving for six years as head teacher of a mixed comprehensive school in Berkshire. 

While at e-skills UK (the sector skills group for IT and business) Debbie advised on  education policy and strategy, served as the organisation’s education spokesperson/ liaison at government, partner and stakeholder events. She oversaw all e-skills education  programmes, including Computer Clubs for Girls, BigAmbition (website for 14- 9 year  olds), Make IT Happy (competition run in partnership with Parliamentary IT Committee)  and Vital (teachers’ CPD programme in partnership with Open University).  


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