CAS to receive 1000 Raspberry Pi computers as part of Google funded project

Computing At School (CAS) is to receive 1000 Raspberry Pi computers to help schools introduce computer science into classrooms across the UK. The organisation is one of five to have been selected by Google as part of their £1 million investment project to support the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Simon Peyton-Jones, Chair of CAS explains: “This is a great initiative from Google and we’re delighted to have been identified as one of the organisations that can introduce the Raspberry Pi directly into schools. Through our network we already support over 800 schools and teachers. The Raspberry Pi is a great invention that makes teaching computer science and coding so much fun – it’s amazing what you can build with them. We will be working with teachers across the country to show them how to use them and inspire them to take them into their classrooms and excite their students with the wonders of coding.

CAS, which is supported by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, will use the Raspberry Pi boards initially to support their continuing professional development programme with teachers across the UK. The boards will then be issued to schools identified by CAS’ Master Teachers and CSA Hub Leaders as those most in need of the assistance.

Alan O’Donohoe, a CAS Master Teacher and hub leader who started the 'RaspberryJam' movement says: “In less than 12 months, the Raspberry Pi computer has galvanised a global community together into action with one common goal in mind; to inspire the digital creators of tomorrow. It has become a powerful catalyst, helping advance the activities of BCS and CAS in promoting the enormous potential of computing in schools and in bringing about a much needed, radical upgrade to our ICT curriculum. With this Google initiative, the master teachers within the CAS Network of Excellence will be able to support teachers and children through a range of hands- on workshops and training to make these low cost computers even more accessible to all.

Theo Bartram from Google concludes: “We’re delighted to be supporting the Raspberry Pi Foundation through our work and in turn working with such organisations as Computing At School (CAS). This is a really exciting project that we hope will put these amazing boards directly into the hands of teachers and children with the aim of inspiring a generation of young people and showing them what a great career can be had from working with technology.

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