The Computing At School Working Group are delighted to announce, in collaboration with Animation12 a national programming competition: Codebreaker.

Codebreaker Logo

To celebrate the centenary of Alan Turing’s birthday in 2012, the Computing At School (CAS) group has launched “Codebreaker”, a Greenfoot-based programming competition for school students. A full range of prizes is available for each age group and the competition is free to enter.

CAS are delighted that the Codebreaker competition is being offered as part of the very successful Animation12 run by The University of Manchester and enables students to provide interactive programmed solutions on the theme.

Simon Humphreys, Coordinator CAS, says “Alan Turing was such an important figure in the history of computing; a national competition aimed at encouraging students to design and implement a programme on the codebreaking theme is a fitting way to celebrate Turing’s life and work at Bletchley Park as one of the WW2 codebreakers.”

Using the Greenfoot IDE, students have to create an interactive program which is linked to theme of “Codebreaker”, either as a game or a puzzle. It is not intended that the player task is to necessarily break a code - a general link to the theme is sufficient.

For full details of the Codebreaker competition, and Animation12 please visit Animation12

Entries, which must be received by Friday 23 March 2012 can be submitted by individuals or teams in four age categories, ranging from 7 – 19. These will be reviewed by a panel of judges and the shortlisted winners will be announced in May 2012.


We have provided a number of resources which we hope cabn be used by teachers in their schools in association with the CodeBreaker competition. please use these even if you dio not enter the competition, but they are themed towards CodeBreaker.

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