CAS Tenderfoot

CAS Tenderfoot is a Google-funded project to produce quality CPD and content rich resources for use with key stage 3 teachers.

The continued support and provision of high quality, effective professional development for teachers of Computing is a high priority for all those committed to Computing in schools.


CAS Tenderfoot is a CPD programme covering the computer science underpinning the Computing curriculum.
The project provides high quality resources to support the CPD of key stage 3 teachers of Computing.

Are you a Master Teacher or an experienced trainer and wish to put on a Tenderfoot session? 
Are you a key stage 3 Computing teacher and want to attend one of the Tenderfoot sessions? 
Have you a planned Tenderfoot session and need support in the form of resources, finance and/or personnel? 
Have you attended a Tenderfoot session and wish to give some feedback
Have you organised a Tenderfoot session and need to provide feedback
In all cases, the information, views, requests and queries can be sent to

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