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The University of York has been, and will continue to be, an enthusiastic member of the CAS community since before the launch of the Computing Curriculum.

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The CAS Regional Centre for Yorkshire and the Humber maintain a resource site where you will find information about the training we offer, Hubs, Hub Packs and More. Please visit the following web address for more information:


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The Department of Computer Science has had a dedicated academic staff member serving CAS Coordinator for York and its CAS Hub as a registered working member of CAS. This position, which is a formal role in the department, is allocated time to: coordinate and contribute to Hub activities, lead continuing professional development with primary and secondary teachers, communicate opportunities for training as computing teachers to undergraduate and graduate studies, and coordinate with our other outreach activities to promote and disseminate CAS throughout schools.

In addition to this commitment, the University of York has had a long-standing collaboration with the National STEM Centre/National Science Learning Centre. National STEM Centre/National Science Learning Centre is now collectively known as the National STEM Learning Centre, operated by STEM Learning Ltd a wholly owned subsidiary of the white rose consortium of universities which includes the University of York.

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September 2017

  • Sep 25 10:00AM until Sep 26 3:00PM
  • Scratch: stretching the more able child (£600 Enthuse bursary)

    York, YO10 5DD
    This course will provide interesting ideas from across the curriculum, aimed at taking children to the next level in their creativity and learning in computing. It will make use of low-cost add-on kit that helps Scratch sense and react to the real world,

  • Sep 26 from 4:00PM to 6:30PM
  • Physical Computing

    Settle, BD24 0AU
    A chance to get hands on with 2 systems, VEX robots and Crumble.

October 2017

  • Oct 6 from 9:30AM to 4:00PM
  • Data representation in key stage 3 computing with CAS Tenderfoot (Enthuse funded)

    York, YO10 5DD
    Led by CAS Master Teachers, “Bits and Bytes” builds up to a major practical activity through which the link is made between digital images and the applications used to manipulate them, such as Photoshop. The role of code in application software is brought

  • Oct 16 from 9:30AM to 4:30PM
  • Algorithms in GCSE computer science (Enthuse funded)

    York, YO10 5DD
    This course examines how algorithms are modelled and constructed using decomposition and abstraction, and how they are represented. Sort and search algorithms, iteration and selection are covered, using flow diagrams and pseudocode. Teachers will take awa

  • Oct 17 from 9:30AM to 4:45PM
  • Algorithms in A level computer science

    York, YO10 5DD
    This course develops understanding of the abstraction of problems, and examines procedural, functional and data abstraction. Participants will learn how to trace algorithms, predicting outcomes from initial conditions. They will analyse the effectiveness

  • Oct 30 9:30AM until Oct 31 4:30PM
  • New to teaching GCSE computer science (Enthuse funded)

    York, YO10 5DD
    This course is aimed at those who are new to teaching Computer Science at GCSE level, or who wish to develop their existing GCSE teaching further. It focuses on the themes that are common to all exam boards and that run through from earlier school stages,

November 2017

  • Nov 8 9:30AM until Nov 9 5:00PM
  • Mathematics for A level computer science (Enthuse funded)

    York, YO10 5DD
    This course will help teachers, whether they are new to teaching at this level or have a depth of experience, to effectively use tried and tested teaching methods. From the fundamentals of number bases and units of information, through to Boolean algebra,

  • Nov 15 from 9:30AM to 4:30PM
  • Algorithms in key stage 3 computing with CAS Tenderfoot

    York, YO10 5DD
    "Clever Stuff For Common Problems" aims to build on teacher’s familiarity with lists or arrays, and develop a deeper appreciation of more complex data structures, such as trees and graphs. These are then used to introduce some clever algorithms and illust

  • Nov 20 10:00AM until Nov 21 3:30PM
  • Micro:bit in secondary computing (Enthuse funded)

    York, YO10 5DD
    Learn how to integrate the micro:bit into the secondary curriculum, with ideas for the whole age range. From block-based programming to object oriented techniques there will be something for all, enabling you to engage the full range of abilities and inte

  • Nov 29 from 9:30AM to 4:00PM
  • Programming and data structures with CAS Tenderfoot (Enthuse funded)

    York, YO10 5DD
    "How computers do stuff" explores the pedagogy involved in teaching programming. It considers how children might move from creating simple programs to using industrial strength programming languages. We will consider what progress looks like, and the pace

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CAS Regional Centre Yorkshire and the Humber covers Barnsley, Bradford, Calderdale, Doncaster, East Riding of Yorkshire, Kingston upon Hull City of, Kirklees, Leeds, North East Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire, North Yorkshire, Rotherham, Sheffield, Wakefield, York

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Regional Centre News


Code Club Meetup

Published by Daniel Toms at 2016-12-15 14:45:32 +0000

On Saturday, Code Club leaders from across Harrogate meet up at Harrogate Library. CAS Master Teacher and Regional Coordinator Daniel Toms gave a presentation on the success of the BBC micro:bit.


Maths & Computing Fusion

Published by Dan Toms at 2016-12-09 13:40:04 +0000

New course at National Stem Centre preparing Computer Science teachers for the increased Mathematics focus in the new A-level specifications.

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